Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'm Happy Dawson Made The Hall

Two thoughts:

(1) Go Hawk! I have an irrational affinity for Dawson's candidacy, from my die-hard love of the Cubs from the time I was a little kid through college. (Why'd it atrophy? Eh...don't ask.)

(2) The BBWAA as a group should be pretty embarrassed for itself, although I suspect there's two camps, one with at least some appropriate sense of shame and one of ignorant gloating.

(Blyleven missing out by 5 votes is fascinating; he's a lock next year. Alomar is a lock next year. Larkin will take a few years. Edgar's going to be a Rice-like slog, so buckle up.)

- D.S.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

With all your cries for transparency In the College Football voting process, this should be your next crusade. As someone who annually attends the Induction, and truly loves the Great American Past-time, the Hall voting baffles and frustrates me perpetually. But they did get Dawson right, and Blyleven will have his day soon. Congrats also to Whitey Herzog and Umpire Doug Harvey.