Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday (Very) Quickie

Pete Carroll to Seahawks? This is a great move for him, for a few reasons. (1) He'll have complete control in Seattle; (2) USC seems to have some NCAA issues looming; (3) money.

When things inevitably fizzle out in the NFL -- and they will, after he has pocketed $35 million -- he will be able to name his program and pick his price back in college.

I already had USC falling behind Oregon next season -- as they did this past season -- and this would just cement it.

(Who should USC hire? Well, they seem to want Mike Riley from Oregon State -- why would he leave? He's totally happy there. Sarkisian? Does he really want the NCAA headache? Jeff Fisher? Ugh: Pro coaches can't translate to big-time college football. Would be a horrible choice.)

Wizards start the healing: All signs of Arenas are gone from the franchise -- no posters in the arena, no jerseys in the shops. This is kind of horrible. I'll have more on Arenas on Monday, but as a huge Arenas fan, this remains so brutal. Hey, the Wiz beat the Magic last night, after Antawn Jamison publicly apologized to the crowd at the Verizon Center. Hmm...

Pro Football HOF Finalists announced: So when the room of folks deciding get to Emmitt Smith, do they just say, "All in favor? Aye? Ok, let's move on." It should take 5 seconds. (What if baseball went to a small committee model used by pro football? It's still way too opaque, but I think I have more faith in it.)

Peyton Manning wins NFL MVP: I think that some consideration should have been given to Chris Johnson, Brett Favre and Phil Rivers -- in that order.

Big win for G'town over UConn, btw.

Jets-Bengals at 4:30: I'll take the Jets.
Eagles-Cowboys at 8: I'll take the Eagles.

Should be a fun night of football.†

-- D.S.

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Unknown said...

RE HOF voting - If you think that's how it goes for Smith, how does it go for Jerry Rice? Something like "So Rice is in, unanimously, yes? Moving on"