Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday (Very) Quickie

I like novelty as much as anyone, so I guess the Cowboys winning a playoff game qualifies.

But here's the question: Is it enough? Or do they need to beat the Vikings next weekend in Minnesota -- or go even further? I think that, for now (and given the recent futility), it should be enough. Enjoy it, Cowboys fans.

(Given that the Cowboys always get tons of people to watch their nationally televised games -- as does Brett Favre -- next week's NFC Divisional could be the most-watched ever.)

Meanwhile, for the Jets, it IS enough. Go back to August: Did any Jets fans expect to get to the NFL quarterfinals? (Hell, to even make the playoffs?) Everything after this is gravy.

Today doesn't lack intrigue: How will the Patriots play without Welker? Can the Packers double-up on beating the Cards?

Wild day in college hoops: Started with that big G'town win over UConn, then continued with some really intriguing results -- Wisconsin over Purdue? GA Tech over Duke? Notre Dame over West Virginia? Mississippi State beating Mississippi? Georgia hanging tough with Kentucky? Mizzou beating Kansas State? UNLV beating New Mexico?

I'm a big believer that the college hoops regular season is pretty meaningless -- as far as top teams losing impacting their chances of doing well in (let alone making) the NCAA Tournament. But this should remind you that any of those top teams -- Purdue, Duke, WVU, Kentucky -- aren't impervious when trying to win four straight in March to make the Final Four. (Even Kansas struggling with Cornell to start the week indicates that no team is a lock.) The best thing that can happen for college hoops is results like this -- it makes March feel that much more wide open.

CFB Recruiting: Think the uncertainty over Urban Meyer has impacted Florida recruiting? Not quite. Yesterday, they got commitments from one of the nation's top DTs (Sharrif Floyd), one of the top DEs (Ronald Powell) and one of the top safeties (Matt Elam). I'm going to have more to say about the future of Florida next week, but despite the success of the 2006 recruiting class, Meyer has never had more talent in the program than he has as of Signing Day 2010.

NFL Draft: Speaking of Florida, Tim Tebow signed with an agent -- Jimmy Sexton, who will have the most intriguing client in the draft. Despite draft grades that put him in the 2nd round (or worse), Tebow will be a 1st-round pick; Sexton's biggest job is to get him the best fit. (Oh, and Tebow will play in the Senior Bowl -- you can't say he is ducking the NFL scrutiny.)

Vlad Guerrero signs with the Rangers: It's weird to think of Vlad not in an Angels uniform, but they didn't want him and he didn't want to be there. He has hit really well in Arlington and will play DH -- I think he has a terrific year ahead (although the lineup around him isn't nearly as nasty as what he had with the Angels... that will matter).

Texas Tech hires Tommy Tuberville: Probably the best available option, given the circumstances. He'll do fine, but won't be as successful as Leach.

No word yet on Carroll to the Seahawks. Remarkably little rumor swirling right now, after that flurry on Friday. You'd think both Seattle and USC would want this finalized ASAP.

Last two words: Tyreke Evans.

-- D.S.

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