Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quickie: Tiger, Kiffin, Wall, Griffin, Idol

You know the Lane Kiffin storyline is wearying when the news that Tiger Woods is allegedly in rehab for sex addiction is the preferred leading storyline of the morning. But there it is.

My point: Woods should have gone out with "sex addict" immediately; it would have defused (and diffused) the entire scandal.

Lane Kiffin is right about one thing: USC is a better job than Tennessee. That doesn't make him a more likable (or qualified) coach, but it's something.

Would Tennessee really re-hire Phil Fulmer? I still think they should throw crazy money at Muschamp -- even if he uses Tennessee as a training ground for an eventual return to Texas.

College Hoops Player of the Mid-Season? Obviously, John Wall.

Want a stark comparison? Try No. 1 overall NBA draft pick Blake Griffin -- out for the season, now, with that knee injury -- compared to 2nd-round steal DeJuan Blair, who had 27 and 21 last night... and has no ACLs in either knee.

Where inevitability happens: I need flare-ups like Blair's line last night (or off-court stuff like Arenas) to keep me engaged with the NBA, because otherwise, the macro view is depressing: The Lakers are clearly going to win the West and beat whoever comes out of the East.

So let me get this straight: Chris Johnson is NFL Offensive Player of the Year, but Peyton Manning was the overwhelming MVP.

Love the Charlie Brown career stats thing.

The NFL may have gotten pummeled yesterday by the Supreme Court, but don't expect the ruling to change much.

Idol: Sorry, it's my guilty pleasure. While everyone else is talking about "Skiboski" or "Pants on the Ground," I think that kid from Illinois with the sick mom is going to be a Top 10 finalist.

Complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.


Steve Sprague said...

You write about sports for a living and yet you can't understand how one player can be Offensive Player of the Year, while another offensive player can win MVP? Perhaps you should study up on what MVP stands for. Most Valuable Player. Peyton provides more value to the 14-2 Colts than Chris Johnson does for the 8-8 Titans. The wins alone show that, but also the fact that Peyton Manning acts as a coach on the field, even calling his own plays.

Sorry but, Chris Johnson was no where near Peyton in terms of value. Was he a more impressive offensive force? Yes. Next time think before making a dumb argument.

The Poobah said...

Yes, Chris Johnson is the Offensive Player Of The Year. And yes, Peyton Manning is the Most Valuable Player.

Johnson had the gaudier stats (2000 yards) and more highlight-worthy plays. But the Colts would win 4 games a year without Manning. That makes him more valuable. Doesn't seem like a big deal.

Sean said...

Just yesterday you said Tennessee should have seen this coming and knew what they were in for. Now you're suggesting they get another coach who might also use Tennessee as a stepping stone? Which is it?

Goberry said...

:) Your wording about Blair is kind of like the opposite of Tim McCarver, who will often say a player on the DL "has a hamstring" for a hamstring injury or "has a head" for a head injury.

You stated that Blair doesn't have an ACL in either knee.

How can he walk then? Do you mean he doesn't have a tear in either ACL?