Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quickie: On "Destination" Jobs

So here's a dilemma for any college football program looking for a new head coach: You want a coach who considers your program a "destination," but none of the really good coaches think that way -- either you overestimate your own program's value or the coach's current situation is "good enough" (meaning, at a minimum, not worth the switching costs).

That was on display at Tennessee over the last 72 hours: Coach after coach turned them down, until finally they found Derek Dooley, the Saban disciple from Louisiana Tech, who may not have a particularly good record as a head coach, but damn if he doesn't think this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

And, you know what? I'd rather have a guy like Dooley who will work like crazy on behalf of Tennessee, thinking it's a dream job, than a coach who will constantly be looking around for a job he REALLY wants.

Tennessee doesn't have to be a top-tier coaching job, in an absolute sense. All it has to be is a top-tier coaching job for someone who thinks it is.

-- D.S.

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