Monday, January 18, 2010

Quickie: Satisfied With NFL's Final Four?

I'm not going to say that the Jets saved the NFL postseason, but it did create the most unpredictable ending of the 8 games played so far.

It also set up an ideal dynamic for the AFC title game: You could have watched Norv Turner choke in Indy... or watch the Colts try to earn back their pride by beating the team that took it from them.

The NFC is ideal: The most appealing team story in NFL history (you cannot say that the Saints winning the Super Bowl wouldn't be the nicest moment in league history, displacing the Giants beating the Patriots, which -- while utterly amazing -- was fueled by schadenfreude) against the 40-year-old Favre.

Aside from Vikings fans, I cannot imagine anyone not rooting for the Saints; aside from Colts fans, I cannot imagine anyone not rooting for the Jets.

Now, are they rooting because they love the Saints story or the Jets story? Or are they rooting because they want to see Favre and Manning fail so close to the Super Bowl precipice?

I would like to think it's the former, but it is almost surely the latter. I can live with that.

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See the whole thing here. Quiet the rest of the day, but back in full force tomorrow.

-- D.S.


SF said...

i can understand rooting against the vikings (unless you're a vikes fam of course) as favre is wildly annoying etc., but why root against the colts...sure, the jets are a cinderella of sorts, but why would you want to see manning fail? no player in the nfl history works as hard as manning and no player earns success like he does. the jets are no fun to watch (and im a fins fan) and the colts would make for amuch more entertaining super bowl! go colts! (and saints)

Nick D. said...

I can't fathom pulling for a #5 seed to go to the Super Bowl.