Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quickie: State of the Sports Union

On the day of the actual State of the Union, I try to put together a "State of the Sports Union" -- and, usually, it's a pretty good report. This year is no exception, leading today's SN column. (Sorry for the bad link yesterday.)

The NFL has never been stronger. The NBA is in a renaissance. MLB has its king back on top. College football has BCS issues, but fans care more than ever. College hoops -- thanks to last night's South Carolina upset of Kentucky -- is wide open for March.

Golf? Well, Tiger was humiliated in 2009, but that only sets up a "redemption" storyline in 2010 (not that golf media will EVER reference Tiger's off-course dalliances).

All in all, things are going REALLY well in sports right now. Should ticket prices be lower, to make going to games more affordable? Sure. But if you've got your HDTV -- and your new tablet -- you're better off at home anyway.

*South Carolina saves the college hoops season!
*A wee bit on Tebow at the Senior Bowl (just a bit, promise)
*A look at SN's CFB preseason Top 10 (Miami at 6?)
*Ben Sheets: This is the new Moneyball?
*What's next for Favre? Eh: Would rather talk about what's next for the Vikings.

Check out the whole thing. More later. Meanwhile, what's YOUR take on the state of the sports union?

-- D.S.


SF said...

Is hockey not a sport? What a joke of a State of the Sports Union that was.

And as for the Moneyball stuff. Beane is paying to get the prospects he will receive in a trade for Sheets at the deadline. If he lands a few solid guys, which he will because he is Beane, he will be getting the youngsters at a bargain by saving the money he'd have to give them in a draft per se.

MizzouHoops said...

Dan Shan,
Are you going to address the Focus on the Family's extreme anti-homosexual stance and Tebow's now-involvement with the group?

As a die in the wool Tebow-ian and, from what it sounds like, liberally minded, there has to be something said on the topic.

Unknown said...

Glaring omission in your sports state of the union - we are just over two weeks away from Vancouver 2010, and, while it may not inspire the same global pandemonium, the Olympics do draw international interest at the highest level.
Other than that, the NHL seems to have finally found it's stride post lockout and is slowly regaining audience, and NASCAR has loosened restrictions to increase speed and thereby competition, ostensibly (which is a discussion for another day re: speed vs safety, and if it's not more about ratings than racing). But those can also be considered "niche" sports, the NHL and NASCAR, to some degree. Otherwise, no arguments- 2010 certainly has all the potential to be a memorable sports year. But, really, don't they all...?