Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tablet Mania

Like a lot of other people, I'm genuinely excited about the announcement about Apple's new "tablet" product today.

I do think it will be a game-changer, for consumers and even for old-line media companies, which hopefully will be as concerned with innovation as monetization.

I will leave you with this simple equation:

Apple tablet + Red Zone Channel = !!!!!!!!!!!

(I don't get Red Zone through my cable network, but if I was given the opportunity to subscribe to an a la carte mobile version of it for my phone and tablet, I would pay a lot, just as I would for March Madness. Let's start at my willingness to pay $100 for the season and go from there.)

1 comment:

bird said...

I'm giving some serious thought to getting an iPad (not too crazy about the name, and I've already seen some rather tasteless jokes about it!). I'm waiting to see how many publishers sign up to sell their e-books with Apple--I know lots of people love their Kindles, but after a bad experience a couple of years ago with Amazon, I'm not interested in giving them my money (especially a LOT of it) any time soon!

Ah, the Red Zone channel--Comcast carried it for the first time this fall, and for those of us who aren't inclined to buy the out-of-market games, Red Zone was a very good substitute! Maybe Time-Warner will carry it next season?