Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quickie: Time For Saints to Be Super

Counting down until the Jets-Colts and Saints-Vikings games...

*In the vapid 2.5 seasons since Florida cut down its second straight national championship in basketball, last night's buzzer-beating game winner was the best moment for the program I've seen. (Memo to coaches: See how Donovan just let the guys run a play and didn't demand they take a time-out? I love that.)

*Northwestern beats Illinois: When a team has never been to the NCAA Tournament, games in the middle of January can qualify as "must-win" for March Madness. NU got it.

*Kansas State had exposed Texas as overrated early last week -- and UConn is a tough place to play -- but that was a tough loss for the Longhorns, precisely the kind you file away when you don't take UT to make it to the Final Four on your bracket in March. (Speaking of K-State, they turned around and got beat by Oklahoma State.) The only team that really seems to be as awesome as they look: Kentucky, No. 1 with a bullet.

*Anyone see that Georgia thumping of Tennessee coming?

*LeBron edges Durant in a match-up that totally met the expectations: 37 pts, 9 ast, 12 reb for LeBron; 34 points, 10 rebounds for Durant. And the Cavs escaped by a point.

*Urban Meyer's "leave of absence" was never going to be substantial. He was always going to stick with recruiting through national signing day. He was always going to be integral in spring practice. There is plenty of time between the two for him to chill out a bit. The (wrong-headed) assumption was that "leave of absence" meant that he would actually step away from the program, when in reality he was simply reducing his workload...slightly.

*East-West Shrine Game: Kafka! (You get the sense that Todd McShay thinks that Mike Kafka is a better NFL QB prospect than Tim Tebow. Then again: McShay thinks that everyone is a better NFL QB prospect than Tim Tebow.)

*Miguel Tejada back to the Orioles. It feels like only yesterday he was an uber-paid superstar with no taint of the PED scandal.

*Get ready for a week of Tebow insanity from Mobile, Alabama. (And that's not just me saying it -- you will be inundated from all corners about it. It is not just the biggest Senior Bowl storyline of the week, but he is the biggest Senior Bowl storyline of all time.)

-- D.S.

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