Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday (Very) Quickie

Just a couple quick things -- I'm headed out to a Bloomberg/MLB product demo that I'll either tweet about or write about... as soon as I figure out what they're actually doing.

*I know college hoops maniacs start obsessing in November, but in a larger sense, college hoops felt like it hit its crazy season (48 hours ahead of February) yesterday. The G'town throttling of Duke -- in front of the First Fan, no less -- was fascinating. But the main event was Kansas edging K-State in Manhattan, which had to be among the best college hoops environments I have ever seen. Kudos to the K-State fans, who were insanely awesome. And what a win for KU -- that's one of those I file away for March. As was Gonzaga's loss to San Francisco. (More on that file-away-for-March stuff later this week.)

*Yes, I watched most of the Senior Bowl. Yes, it was the worst game performance by Tim Tebow since he entered college. It probably couldn't have gone worse, right down to the solid play, in contrast, by "Tebow Lite," Dan LeFevour. No, I think it doesn't change anything about Tebow's NFL Draft stock or his NFL future.

*I didn't watch the game, but how the eff did Andre Miller score 52 points? 50+ remains a really cool barrier in NBA games, and Miller is an unlikely addition to the list.

*Herschel. Walker. (Enough said.)

*Roger Federer reminds us why he's the greatest tennis player of all time, with another major title.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Anyone watching the Pro Bowl? I'm not.

-- D.S.

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