Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Quickie: Super Bowl Media Day - or Daze?

You all know I'm all for unconventional media -- and I'm no great fan of traditional sports media coverage -- but Super Bowl Media Day is a joke.

First, the mainstream media people ask questions that define "trite." Then they grumble when the entertainment interlopers show up and distract from the trite questioning.

But it's not like the interlopers are particularly funny. Ooh, it's a hot foreign TV reporter! Ooh, that hilarious late-night correspondent is doing something "edgy!" Please.

In the end, blame the NFL -- they embraced the tradition of Media Day dumbness.

All this so we can talk about the same half-dozen storylines -- with the exact same quotes used -- between now and Sunday.

BTW, you can watch the media horde for yourself at NFL.com -- and I'm sure Twitter will have a banner afternoon of updates and meme-watching.

That's the lead of today's SN column. There's a ton more in there, including:

*Why expanding the NCAA Tourney to 96 is great.
*Why Joe Mauer is the LeBron James of MLB.
*Why golf really needs Tiger back on the course.
*Why Groundhog Day is a classic movie.
*And a lot more.

Check it out here. More later.

-- D.S.

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