Thursday, February 04, 2010

Quickie: Big Day for South Florida

South Florida has the Super Bowl. It was the heart of Florida's No. 1-ranked recruiting class. And it's the home of the USF Bulls, who went on the road and upset Georgetown last night.

Pretty good time for the region, and that leads today's SN column. There's a lot more in there, including the Seantrel Henderson situation, Jason Verlander's new contract, Chauncey Billups and the new Chris Paul and the obligatory reference to Tim Tebow's Super Bowl ad.

Check it out -- and let's get the Super Bowl predictions going in the Comments. I'll have mine tomorrow. I want to pick the Saints, but I feel like the Saints winning is too important to ruin with the Quickie jinx...

-- D.S.

PS: Thanks to all who came out for the panel last night. A lot of fun and I thought a very interesting conversation.

Tonight, I get a homecoming with Varsity Letters -- about to finish its 4th year of existence since I launched it in March 2006 -- for what might be the most high-profile event yet: A sold-out reading from Malcolm Gladwell and Chuck Klosterman. Kudos to Gelf Magazine for such big "gets" and for turning the series into something so consistently amazing. Should be fun.


Al Neri said...

USF is in Tampa. Not exactly south(ern) Florida.

ryan said...

sigh. nonsensical though it is, USF is actually located in tampa. which is decidedly not south florida.

Single.File.Line said...

USF is a misnomer - it's actually nowhere near the south Florida region. It's actually central Florida (west central, to be precise) - almost a 5 hour drive to Miami. Universities in the south Florida area would be Miami, FIU, FAU, etc. Similar to NorCal and SoCal, they are two very different places - Sacramento or SF vs. LA, for example.