Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Apology Reax

*I'm surprised he didn't specify a return to golf -- he must have been coached that talking about returning to playing would undercut his apology.

*Do I believe he was sincere? I believe he is sincerely sorry that he has to prostrate himself publicly, and I believe he is really sorry about the pain he's caused his wife -- then again, not so sorry that he could keep from engaging in the behavior in the first place. But, yes: I caught whiffs of sincerity.

*A wee bit too much angry defiance at some straw men within the media.

*I have heard plenty of people trying to be publicly contrite talk about their Christianity; I have never heard someone talk about Buddhism. It was the most unexpected and refreshing part of the speech.

*Most sincere moment: The long hug Tiger gave his mom. Now THAT was real.

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Eric said...

Tiger said what he needed to say. He and his message people crafted a speech worthy of a major political campaign. Tiger delivered it near flawlessly.

So now what? Tiger has laid his ground rules. He won't give up details, and why should he? He will gain nothing from providing details about the affairs. Media or others demanding more details after he publicly admitted multiple affairs will just seem exploitative and small. What is there to gain (on either side)?

We'll have to see how this hits the bottom line of Tiger, Inc. in the long run. I think people cared more about the Tiger brand than the actual golf he played. Americans are forgiving to a fault, but I'm not sure the TW brand will ever really recover its strength. You know wives and girlfriends won't be dropping ducats for TW gear anytime soon.