Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday (Very) Quickie

That was a truly underwhelming dunk contest.

Convincing win for Kentucky: Wall was his usual dominant self. Eric Bledsoe had 16 in the 2nd half -- if Wall/Bledsoe is the best backcourt in the country, it begs the question if there has ever been a better two-freshmen backcourt in the country. The only one I can think of is Jalen Rose-Jimmy King, but I'm sure I'm missing someone.

Congrats to Hannah Kearney.

Question for Apolo Ohno: Do you really accept that silver pridefully, when the only reason you won was because two other skaters ahead of you crashed? I mean: I appreciate that "staying upright for the full race" is a key qualification to winning, but it seems like he backed his way into the record. Of course, other people's mistakes turn losers into winners all the time -- maybe the real lesson is that is precisely the essence of sport and, more specifically, competition.

Mavs-Wiz trade: See the post from last night. It's a steal for Dallas -- I'm particularly a fan of Butler -- and I just with the Wiz had the intellectual honesty to say "We're just dumping salary and we've basically given up. Wouldn't you?" At least they aren't dithering.

-- D.S.


Qwagmire said...

Well showing your knowledge of short track speed skating. Half the time the winners are the ones that didnt get knocked down or tripped.

I dont particularly care for Ohno, but hes lost more than hes won in the least second "accidental" trips and pushes.

James M said...

Ohno has to be one of the luckiest athletes around. I'm sure what's lost in his record tying achievement is what happened in the 2002 games in Salt Lake City.

In the 1000m final, all the skaters were wiped out on the last turn and Ohno stumbled to cross the finish line for silver.
In the 1500m final, he finished second, but the racer ahead of him was disqualified that pushed him into the Gold medal.

Then at the 2006 games, in the 500m final, Ohno starts moving before anyone else. A clear false start but the officials let it slide. He went on to capture Gold.

You can search YouTube for all the videos, too, or read the wikipedia page for Ohno.