Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Night (Very) Quickie

I'm going to DVR the Dunk Contest, so I can skip through almost everything and just watch the handful of dunks being done. And I'm in a crappy mood because I just watched Florida lose at home to Xavier (not that I wasn't convinced they would lose -- who didn't see that coming?)

And I just watched my Wiz get fleeced by the Mavericks in a trade. Trading Caron Butler for Josh Howard? OK, I get it. But throwing in Brendan Haywood seemed unnecessary, given that Haywood was attracting his own attention. The Mavs got much better (Butler is terrific and Haywood is a body to throw at Bynum and Gasol. Even Stevenson is a fearless chippy defender to stick on Kobe.)

The Wiz have given up -- we knew that was coming. Back in June, I appreciated them going for broke this season with their core and Miller/Foye; right now, I wish they had Ricky Rubio or Brandon Jennings and at least some hope for the future. Things will get much much worse for the Wiz before they get better -- short of winning John Wall in the Draft lottery.

Danica was a dud today -- the wreck put a point on it, but it's not like she was challenging the leaders before that happened.

More tomorrow.

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@aerichner said...

Heads up Dan... DON'T watch the dunk contest. Had I been there I would've demanded my money back from the NBA. What's wrong with them? I don't want to spoil it for you but I'm looking forward to the Quickie on Monday where hopefully you'll bash the NBA and the players that competed.

I haven't enjoyed AS Weekend for three straight years. It was an utter waste of time and simply hard to watch...worse than watching my Nets lose every damn game.