Sunday, February 07, 2010

Who Dat? Saints Topple Colts in Thriller

I'm still working on my SN column for Monday morning, but I thought that game was terrific, for three big reasons: (1) The Saints -- the new "America's Team" -- won. (2) The win was punctuated by some truly bold calls by Sean Payton. And (3) the game-sealing ending of Peyton's INT couldn't have been more epic -- the league's best QB throwing his Super Bowl chances away in a pick-6.

Much more tomorrow, but a quick congrats to the long-suffering Saints fans -- enjoy it. I thought the Google ad was the best one -- a simple yet smart version of your typical "guy-centric" Super Bowl ad (of which there were way too many and all running together).

And the Tebow ad was an absolute non-event, except that I did not see his tackle of his mom coming; I give them credit for adding in a little playfulness to it. (Too bad CBS ran the Snickers Betty White-tackling right before it, because it gave the appearance of being derivative, which it obviously wasn't.)

More tomorrow.

-- D.S.

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