Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quickie: Bigger Dud: UNC-Duke or Vonn?

I was all set to lead today's SN column with something about Lindsey Vonn, THE star of the Winter Olympics and whose shin injury may turn her into the biggest Olympic fizzle since... eh, Bode? (But that would be last Winter Olympics...hardly a big superlative there.)

But I was compelled by Duke-UNC last night to lead with that, because it's two programs I have no love for -- and college hoops' "best" rivalry looked like a dog.

Duke may be 20-4, but does anyone have any confidence that they will get to the Final Four? Go back and watch the tape of the Georgetown shellacking.

UNC is having a humiliating season on par with Doherty in '02-03 -- maybe worse. We all knew Doherty couldn't coach; Roy is coming off a title and his team was preseason Top 10.

(That detail about preseason expectations/hype -- however ludicrous and wrong-headed... DECOURCY!!! -- allows me to compartmentalize Williams in '10 from Florida in '08.)

UNC being so mediocre gives one last bonus to those of us who hate Duke: It deprives Duke of the full thrill of beating UNC, which so rarely happens these days. And in Chapel Hill, no less! Alas, the rest of us say: "Big whoop: UNC stinks this year."

But I will say this for Duke fans: They dish out the schadenfreude as good as they get it -- at least when it comes to UNC. Duke fans will be willing to trade the rest of us discounting their win over UNC if it means that UNC is so bad this year that they deserve the discounting.

See the rest of today's column here. Apologies for the late posting.

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