Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Quickie: Suh, EA, LeBron, Bubble, More

It's a good morning for some predictions, which lead today's SN column:

*Erin Andrews is going to win Dancing With the Stars. It's totally obvious.

*LeBron will sell more No. 6 jerseys in the final three months of this year than he will in the previous 2 or 3 seasons.

*Julius Peppers AND Darren Sproles to the Redskins? Can totally see it.

*Here was my biggest prediction: In 3 seasons, Ndamukong Suh may be an NFL star... but Sam Bradford won't even be starting.

*I love that the US-Canada hockey game earned an insane audience -- it will NOT carry over to the NHL; this was a once-in-a-couple-generations event in American sports, let alone hockey.

*As usual, I really really want to pick Georgetown to go to the Final Four. As usual, they are making it very difficult on me.

(I was just thinking: To the folks who think that expanding the NCAA Tournament to 96 teams will water it down -- and I couldn't disagree more, because the Tournament has always been about the format, not the talent -- I want them to defend some of these mediocrities that are on the Bubble in the 64-team format. In advance of tonight's Clemson-GA Tech game, I was checking to see where on the Bubble they were, and SN had them both as 8-seeds, which isn't even close to the Bubble. Does anyone think that either Clemson or GT is going to make noise in the Tournament? In fact, if both were 8s, I'd probably pick them both to lose to the 9-seed and not even make it past the 1st day. This is hardly supportive that the current set-up is rigorous. Now, you could make the argument that expanding that only waters things down further, but I'd argue that things are already pretty watered-down, so you might as well add two more rounds, which will only increase fan interest. Again: Most fans don't care about the fact that teams on the periphery aren't all that good; they just want to fill out their bracket and watch close games during the work day. /end digression)

Check out the complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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PiccottFence said...

Just needed to post this somewhere since I don't think it's getting any play in the sports media: Coolest part of the Sidney Crosby Goal!

As Crosby gets the puck on the boards, and taps it to Iginla, listen closely to the video, and you hear Crosby SCREAM "IGGY!" to set up the give-and-go for the game winner.