Wednesday, April 07, 2010

04/07 Quickie: UConn, Red Sox, Messi

How can you NOT be impressed by UConn's second straight undefeated national title season? Unprecedented. What made it all the more interesting: That 12-point 1st half against Stanford, the ultimate WTF? moment in sports this year.

That's the lead of today's SN column, which has a lot more:

*Duke wins the game, Brad Stevens wins America.

*How's that "run prevention" strategy working out for the Red Sox?

*Jazz-Thunder was the best game of the year in the NBA.

*Any mock draft that doesn't even acknowledge that Tim Tebow is very likely going to go in the 1st round is intellectually fraudulent.

*Lionel Messi. This is why you need to watch every Argentina game in the World Cup this year.

*Based on my experience watching what Bill Carmody has done going from Princeton to Northwestern, I don't expect much from Steve Donahue. At least he sold high.

*Hank Aaron loves Jason Heyward. Everyone loves Jason Heyward.

*Why would anyone ever expect the Masters broadcasters to talk about Tiger's off-course storyline? If that will bother you, watch with the sound off.

(But it's ludicrous to suggest that people are going to be tuning in to watch everyone else. 90 percent of fans will tune in to find out how Tiger is doing.)

Complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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