Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday (Spring Game) Quickie

I've tried to show restraint here about Florida football during the spring practice season, but today is the Gators' spring game, so permit me a bit of obsessiveness:

It is the official start of the John Brantley Era. You may remember him from such posts as "Let John Brantley Start Over Tim Tebow Against LSU."

As a passer, Brantley is mechanically superior to Tebow -- so much so that I think Brantley will emerge next season as Mark Sanchez 2.0: One season of starting, but a sure-fire 1st-round pick.

True freshman Trey Burton plays the "Tim Tebow 2006" role -- the energetic back-up who will likely play a role in short-yardage situations.

Other things to watch for: The WR corps, which will benefit from Brantley's style; the linebackers, who are a wrecking crew; and Mike Gillislee, the talented RB squashed in between Jeff Demps and incoming freshman stud Mack Brown.

It's a gorgeous spring day here in New York -- and in Gainesville.

Couple of things on my radar today:

*Tiger: Still on pace to win.

*No charges against Big Ben?

*Break up the SF Giants!

*No Kobe, no problem -- at least against the T'wolves.

*Did Alex Ovechkin just lock up NHL MVP?

*Buying: David Price for a breakthrough season.

*Not buying: Jimmy Clausen.

Enjoy the day. Probably a lot of Masters-watching. At least keep the windows open...

-- D.S.

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