Thursday, April 08, 2010

Quickie: Tiger Ad, Kentucky 5, More

That Tiger ad is creepy. But say this for Earl Woods: Even from the grave, he asks better questions and makes more salient points than you'll hear from golf media this week -- and certainly the broadcast teams. Of course, Tiger leads today's SN column.

More you'll find:

*Kentucky sends 5 to NBA Draft: They're all going to go in the Top 20 (possibly Top 15), too, which makes the decisions a no-brainer. (I'll bet Orton goes ahead of Patterson or Bledsoe.)

Between Wall, Turner and Cousins, the Top 3 of the Draft declared yesterday.

*I think it's safe to say that Curtis Granderson is a Yankees fan favorite.

*More impressive milestone: Don Nelson setting the all-time career wins record or the Bobcats making the playoffs for the first time?

*A not-too-far-off comparison between NFL draft prospects and Idol Top 9 (not my analysis, but I approve).

Tons more in the column today. Sorry for the short post. More later.

-- D.S.

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Brooke said...

2 of the first words Tiger Woods officially said to the media upon becoming a pro were scripted by Nike: Hello World. They'd already created an ad campaign around those words before he said them. And now this ad, which suggests that the 'new' Tiger is no different from the 'old' Tiger. That he's the same corporate robot he's always been. What makes this ad creepy to me is this: he agreed to use his own dead dad as an image-marketing gimmick. Is Tiger even capable of caring about ANYONE enough that he wouldn't be willing to use them to benefit himself in some way? It's a creepy ad about a seemingly conscienceless creep.