Wednesday, May 19, 2010

05/19 Quickie: Wall, Magic, Hanley, More

See the post below for my instant reaction to my Wizards getting John Wall -- I won't even consider the idea that they would take Evan Turner over Wall.

I also lead today's SN column with it, translating that blog post for the national SN audience: Wall matters not because of championships -- if that was the standard, then LeBron, CP3, Carmelo, Durant and Dirk would all be failures -- but because of the relevance.

Wall makes the Wiz matter, not unlike the way that Arenas made the Wiz matter when he was at the height of his loony powers in the mid-decade. I'm not sure what the Wiz do with Arenas -- I'd like to try the Wall-Arenas backcourt -- but as long as Wall is the face of the franchise, they're OK.

(This is an interesting position: Arenas is my favorite NBA player -- yes, even after the gun incident, I couldn't abandon him. But it is very possible that by the time we get to draft night, Wall could be my favorite NBA player. I'll always be in the bag for Gil, though.)

More in today's column:

*The Magic are finished.

*Don't overstate the Marlins winning w/o Hanley.

*The Nets are fine. Favors is a good fit.

*Who else is bored by the NFL-PED scandals.

*Erin Andrews: In. Chad Ochocinco: Out.

Lots more in there today. More later. (Why haven't the Wiz simply declared that Wall is the pick?)

-- D.S.

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