Friday, May 21, 2010

05/21 Quickie: LeBron, Lance, Lakers, Rays

My favorite part of Mark Cuban's open discussion of a sign-and-trade for LeBron is that it should break us out of the KnicksBullsHeatNets contraint of creative thinking and open up LeBron to EVERY team.

If you can conceive of a trade package that works under the cap -- and come up with even a tenuous reason LeBron would want to play for your team -- you can join in the fun. Why should reporters and bloggers in New York or Chicago have all the fun?

The larger point is more serious: If LeBron leaves the Cavs as a free agent, they are done. Like, for a decade or more. If he really cares about the city and its fans, he would at least think about accepting a sign-and-trade that leaves the Cavs better than they would be otherwise.

My personal Mavs scenario is very simple: You want LeBron, Mark Cuban? Fine. Give me Dirk, Beaubois and Caron Butler. You can have LeBron and my worst contracts, to make it work. Done. The point is that (a) everyone should join in, and (b) sign-and-trade is the most humane thing LeBron could do for the Cavs and Cleveland.

More you'll find in today's SN column:

*This is sizing up as the lamest NBA Playoffs season ever.

*If the NCAA finds Reggie Bush ineligible, not only should the BCS cabal take away USC's 2004 title, but the AP voters should RE-VOTE on the 2004 No. 1 team. Give it to Auburn!

*The sweep in New York was all the confirmation you need that the Rays are the team to beat in baseball.

*Who's ready for interleague? (Does this still have any novelty?)

*Doug Collins? Really? (I've said this before: The NBA has the worst head-coaching development pipeline in sports. It's atrocious.)

See the entire thing here. More later, hopefully, and a.m. posts through the weekend. With no kid's birthday to put on, more attention!

-- D.S.

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