Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday (Birthday) Quickie

Four years ago today, my first kid was born.

It happened at 4 in the morning, so my Page 2 editor David Schoenfield pinch-hit in that day's Quickie, with only a subtle mention on the lower-right of the column that the kid was born. (Such a difference 4 years later, when it would have been tweeted and Facebooked near-instantly.)

I remember that Morning Quickie chatters had put even odds that the kid would be named "Joakim" (or, more realistically, at least "Noah"). Not quite: It was Gabe, after Jewish baseball legend Gabe Kapler. Kidding. It was a "G" name in honor of my wife's grandma.

So today is dedicated to throwing a birthday party in a local park for 30 4-year-olds from my son's preschool. The theme is a combination of jungle animals and financial literacy, which seems appropriate in 2010. (No, Chase or Bank of America didn't sponsor. But hey!)

There will be cupcakes. There will be chicken fingers. There will be a fun activity age-appropriate for 4-year-olds.

And, naturally, there will be quite a bit of reminiscing about how my and Mrs. Quickie's life changed 4 years ago today. Happy birthday, Gabe!

-- D.S.

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Gabe, my son Grant was born 4 years ago today as well. First Cubs game will be today.