Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday (Very) Quickie: Roy, Kobe, USMNT

If Dallas Braden's perfect game was glorious for being entirely unexpected, then Roy Halladay's perfect game was glorious for being the crowning achievement of his Hall of Fame career.

Kobe is simply sick. The Lakers are going to beat the Celtics in 6, getting some revenge for two years ago and earning the rare back-to-back championship.

That was an impressive comeback win for the US men's national soccer team over Turkey. I am still nervous they won't make it out of the group round -- let alone further -- but I think that I have my favorite player on the team for South Africa: Clint Dempsey.

The Stanley Cup Finals are off to a wild start -- were most casual fans watching Blackhawks-Flyers or Kobe-Suns? (Or following Roy Halladay's perfect game through the internet or ESPNews?)

Kentucky/Bledsoe scandal: Is anyone surprised that one of Calipari's star players at Kentucky may have had eligibility issues? Of course, there's no Final Four to strip away...

Kendry Morales' walk-off grand-slam broken leg is the worst baseball injury of the year -- and it is hard to think of a worse one in years.

Fantasy Stud: Buster Posey, 3 H and 3 RBI in his much-anticipated debut. Someone in your league has probably already claimed him, but you should at least give it a look this morning.

(I have been sitting in 1st in my league for weeks -- unprecedented -- precisely for obsessive moves like picking up rookies like Posey. But I was aced out for him yesterday -- capping a week where I'm getting drubbed and will fall out of 1st. Of course, I'm usually in the second division by now, so this is all a bonus.)

NCAA LAX Championships: Duke and Notre Dame will play for the men's title tomorrow.

Northwestern and Maryland will play for the women's title today -- with NU going for its 6th straight national title, a run of dominance that makes UConn women's hoops seem second rate.

-- D.S.

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