Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday (Very) Quickie

So much for Celtics' "panic." It is like those Games 4 and 5 never happened -- or that the Celtics decided to shake them off while the Magic assumed momentum alone would be enough.

And so the meme goes from Celtics-as-chokers back to the post-Game-3 version: Celtics as the next coming of the Rockets '95, the ex-champ that knows how to get it done in the spring.

It is no joke to beat the conference's top seed then its No. 2 seed, decisively, back-to-back. This Celtics team is a very worthy Eastern Conference champ.

And based on what is happening in the West, most of us would still take the Lakers over them. But we all would continue to underestimate this Celtics team at our own risk.

-- D.S.

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