Tuesday, May 25, 2010

05/25 Quickie: Bulls, Magic, Red Sox

I wasn't on the LeBron-to-the-Bulls bandwagon... until this latest scuttlebutt that Phil Jackson might be interested in coming back to the Bulls -- presumably only if LeBron joins him.

As I argue in today's SN column lead, it's a good match: Jackson turns elite players into champions (or vice versa); LeBron wants to win a championship, and Phil is a coach he would respect.

The ideal is that each sign a 3-year "mini-max" deal in Chicago -- if they can't win a title in 3 years, find another situation.

My only concern with Phil in Chicago, actually, is that Derrick Rose is entirely the wrong point guard to run the triangle, which doesn't even use a traditional point guard.

There is a very simple solution to this: Trade Derrick Rose to Miami for Dwyane Wade. That gives the Heat a franchise player to pair with, say, Amare for the next 5-6 years.

More you'll find in today's column:

*A plan for the Magic to win their series.

*Have the Red Sox turned a corner?

*Strasburg for Oswalt? HAHAHA.

*Your next DWTS champ: Erin Andrews.

*Regardless of who wins the Stanley Cup, it will be a compelling champ.

Complete column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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Steve Sprague said...

Here is a better solution than trading for Wade. Scrap the Triangle! It's the most overrated offense ever. I can make up any kind of gimicky offense and have Jordan and Pippen or Shaq - Kobe - Fisher/Horry/Glen Rice, run it and it will look great.

If Phil is such a great coach he will embrace having a gifted young point guard running his offense. Look at what Rajon Rondo is doing in Boston as a playmaker and distributor. Rose would do that with LeBron, Noah, et al.

Trading Rose for Wade, ignoring the obvious salary differences, is stupid because it sacrifices your future for a brief 3 year window. It also brings in two alpha-dogs to go with a coach with a massive ego. It would be a disaster. I would predict a conference finals exit, possibly a finals loss. 0 titles in 3 years if they sacrifice Rose to save the triangle.

This is as dumb as your previous ideas to pay college coaches 10 million plus per year. Stick with writing about what happened Shanoff, don't predict wildly outlandish scenarios that have no chance of happening.