Monday, May 24, 2010

05/24 Quickie: Lima, C's, Amare, Cavs

As someone the same age as Jose Lima, the seemingly spontaneous, middle-of-the-night fatal heart attack is a little unsettling.

But there is something life-affirming in the reaction among fans and writers celebrating the player who popularized "Lima Time," which I broadly define in today's SN column as a joyous approach to living your life, with plenty of applications beyond a reliever's schtick.

Actually, the kicker of the column lead is one of my favorites of the year so far: That we could all use a little "Lima Time" in our lives, and that today, you should do something positive -- at work, on your commute, hanging out at lunch -- then exuberantly exclaim "[Fill-In-Your-Last-Name] Time!"

There's a ton more in the column:

*Cavs fire Mike Brown. Did you see that list of replacements someone is floating? Coach K? Tom Izzo? Phil Jackson? What planet are people on? Those coaches wouldn't come to Cleveland even WITH LeBron, let alone without him. Without LeBron, the only good thing about the Cavs job is that missing the playoffs is the expectation, rather than -- oh -- winning a championship. (For his part, Mike Brown should have multiple job offers within the week.)

*I love the fact that the Nats are expressing interest in Roy Oswalt, who has said he only wants to go to a "contender." BTW: If the Nats get Oswalt, along with bringing up Strasburg, that goes a long way toward bolstering their .500 season and actually making them... contenders.

*The Celtics are closing it out tonight. The Suns at least showed they have some pride. We'll see if the Magic have any or are just ready to pack it in.

*Bryce Harper.

*Jordan Spieth.

*No spoilers about the Lost finale, but a simple assessment that it either satisfied you or didn't. I'm in the former category, but not particularly effusively. Just a solid clearing of the hurdle of my expectations, but not some all-time-great moment in my TV-watching career.

-- D.S.

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