Friday, May 28, 2010

05/28 Quickie: Artest, Celtics, Mets

Well, that was the best game of the NBA playoff season.

And it was the greatest moment of Ron Artest's career, with full Ron-Ron crazy on display, from that ridiculous missed 3 that led to the Suns tying the game on their own ridiculous miss-miss-YES to Ron's improbable buzzer-beater.

For the Lakers, some breathing room. For the Suns, the confidence to know that should they take care of business at home, they can absolutely beat the Lakers in LA.

As I put it in today's SN column lead, I'm not sure Artest's shot eclipses the Palace brawl, but it sure diverts our attention. Now, when we look back on his career, we'll say "Brawl, yes... but remember that shot in Game 5 of the Western finals in 2010?"

More you'll find in today's column:

*If there's any justice, the Celtics will lose tonight.

*The Mets should kind of call it a season after this, right?

*LeBron and Wade will NOT play together.

*Texas pulling a Notre Dame? Unlikely.

*Stanley Cup: Who ya got? I'll root for the Blackhawks, both because of my Chicago roots and my disdain for Philly. (Even if I had a great time there a few weeks ago.)

*Let's rank the current scandals, in order of seriousness: UConn, Kansas, Dwayne Bowe -- who should reply to every question with "And?"

*Obama. Koufax. Enough said.

This isn't in the column, but I had an epiphany last night that if I was the Sixers, I would absolutely take Derrick Favors over Evan Turner. It totally reminds me of the Dwight Howard vs. Emeka Okafor debate from earlier in the decade. Okafor was so "NBA-ready" -- yeah, but it discounted that Howard would develop under pro coaching and conditioning. I'll hammer Favors-over-Turner into submission between now and the draft next month.

Complete SN column here, with posts sporadically over the long weekend. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day, and don't forget to take a second to think of the people who died while serving the country in the military.

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