Wednesday, May 26, 2010

05/26 Quickie: NYC SB, Suns, P-Jax

I couldn't not lead with the Super Bowl coming to New York. There are two camps, and the crux of the debate is, basically, "What if it's cold out?"

My response, in two words: "Ice Bowl." That the 1967 NFL Championship was played in frigid conditions was a pre-condition for its place at the top of NFL mythology. Imagine if it was the "Balmy Bowl" because it was played in San Diego. Not the same.

As I argue in today's SN column: Fans who are at the game will wear their frostbite like a badge of honor; fans at home will love the spectacle of swirling snow and blasting winds.

I'm a big fan of novelty in sports -- it is a huge reason the NHL's Winter Classic has been a massive success. This will be a huge hit.

Now, let's not talk about it again until, say, 2013.

More you'll find in today's column:

*The Suns won with basically the same strategy you win your Sunday morning pick-up game at the Y: Junky zone D plus scrappy dudes playing unexpectedly well.

*If the Magic win tonight to make it 3-2, will Celtics fans start to freak? They shouldn't -- not until it's 3-3 with the series heading back to Orlando for Game 7.

*What was I saying about Phil Jackson and the Bulls being a good fit? Great example of a one-day story.

*The Rays have a right to gripe.

*Looks like the Nats are set on drafting Bryce Harper. Obviously.

*Don't be surprised when Gordon Hayward ends up in the Top 10 of the NBA Draft. Remember Stephen Curry from last year -- a month out, he was a Lottery pick; by draft night, Top 10 lock.

*I will never get tired of President Obama talking about sports -- especially basketball. (Stop your griping, Cavs fans.)

See the whole thing here. And, from the folks who brought you Mediaite, please welcome SportsGrid to the online sports universe. About my 200+ ranking....

-- D.S.

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