Monday, August 30, 2010

08/30 Quickie: Manny, Big Hurt, Tebow

Today's Names to Know: Manny Ramirez, Frank Thomas, Roger Clemens, Ben Roethlisberger, Tim Tebow, Donovan McNabb, Michelle Wie, Japan at the LLWS, Bucky Gunts and More

Manny is going to the White Sox: The success of the move is judged entirely on whether or not Chicago wins the division.

More ChiSox: Retire Frank Thomas' No. 35. As they should. Thomas is only one of the greatest hitters of all time, and -- adjusted for PEDS -- arguably the best hitter of his generation.

Any chance Roger Clemens pleads guilty when he is arraigned today for lying to Congress? (No? Oh well.)

Anyone else think that Roger Goodell is going to decrease Big Ben's suspension when they meet on Friday?

If Mike Shanahan is already saying that Donovan McNabb might not play in Week 1, he's not going to be playing in Week 1.

Tebow Watch: Hey, he threw a TD pass last night! (He also threw an INT, but we'll overlook that. So about that TD pass! Honestly, I was most bummed about his missed 3rd-down conversion on his 1st series.)

Heading into the final week of NFL preseason -- and most meaningless yet! -- watch for preservation from injuries and cuts, like the Bengals releasing pricey WR Antonio Bryant.

The most interesting thing that happened in baseball last night was the first-ever use of replay in a "walk-off" situation (Brian McCann's game-winning HR for the Braves in their comeback over the Marlins) -- not just that, but overturning an erroneous call to correct it, using replay. Now imagine that happening in a playoff game or World Series. Friends, this is an absolute affirmation of replay in baseball -- and why we need it to be even more expanded.

Anyone at all have Michelle Wie getting off the schneid before Tiger?

US Open Prediction: Federer FTW.

All hail our new Little League World Champions from Japan. I'm sure some people will find a way to pin the end of the US' 5-year LLWS winning streak on the current US government.

So much for Connie Britton's Emmy mojo: It turns out that sports' big winner at the Emmys was... Bucky Gunts! (Director of the Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics).

-- D.S.

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