Monday, August 30, 2010

Teams and "Social Media"

Last week, we had the flare-up with certain NHL teams wanting to put limits on media-credentialed bloggers from interviewing their teams in the visitors locker room.

This week, Matt Sebek of JoeSportsfan presents an interesting analysis of the St. Louis Cardinals' upcoming "Social Media Night."

Here is what I like best about Sebek's post: It is constructive not overly critical in looking at the team's approach to the evening.

To that end, Sebek does a terrific job of offering a great list of potential contributors to the night from the non-mainstream Cardinals media ecosystem.

The Cards would be well-served to connect with Sebek to figure out who on the list should be included in the program. (To his point, love the folks currently included; worth supplementing.)

Per Jason Fry, they might even be able to help the team better understand the huge potential of the landscape.

Plus: Read Eric McErlain's awesome take on the NHL situation. More phenomenal insights for everyone involved -- from teams to mainstream media to bloggers to fans.

There is so much more to all this, I'm not doing it justice here -- that it remains a topic of open conversation is in the best interests of everyone.

-- D.S.

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