Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Deal of Day: Sheehan Newsletter $15

It is September 1. There are approximately 2 months left in the baseball season -- a month of season-ending playoff jockeying and the playoffs themselves. Then, two months of Hot Stove.

Joe Sheehan has just reduced the price of his must-read email newsletter to $15 for the rest of the year -- pennant race, playoffs and Hot Stove. It is an incredible value.

If you aren't a subscriber yet, I said this earlier this summer that Sheehan's newsletter was my favorite media purchase of the year -- multiple times per week, I pop open his email (usually on my phone) and feel entirely smarter by reading it. Very few in baseball writing combine clever analysis with clear prose like Sheehan.

Hard-core baseball fans will enjoy the analysis. But if you are only a casual baseball fan, your understanding and enjoyment of the game will increase substantially. This seems particularly relevant for the playoffs. (As a bonus, you also get access to his complete archive.)

Even if he wasn't including offseason analysis, the idea of paying 25 cents a day for the next 60 days -- the best 60-day stretch of the MLB season -- to get "smart, fun baseball writing" (Joe's description, which I agree with) seems like a phenomenal bargain.

Find the registration info here

-- D.S.

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