Wednesday, September 08, 2010

09/08 Quickie: Boise, Bush, UK

Today's Names to Know: Boise State, Reggie Bush, Kellen Moore, Luis Scola, Tiger Woods, Enes Kanter, Joey Votto, Phillies, Mat Latos, Lew Perkins, Matt Ufford, Tim Tebow, Deadspin and More.

Cripes, the drama about Boise yesterday -- and, presumably, for the rest of the season.

I net out -- for now -- in a couple of ways:

(1) I think they are the best team in the country, based on preseason prognostication and one week of on-field proof. So count me in the "Boise rules" camp, I guess.

(2) I think that any poll voter who didn't have Boise as their No. 1-ranked team this week should have their ballot taken away, because voting should be (mostly) on what you've done so far.

In fact, in the long and illustrious history of the mainstream pollsters being laughably wrong, that Boise got only 8 1st-place votes in the haughty AP poll (just 7 flipped to Boise from the preseason poll) and ZERO in the epically tainted Coaches' poll is an indictment. (I remain entirely curious how many of my BlogPoll colleagues will join me this week ranking Boise at No. 1. I hope, as a percentage, it is much higher than the AP voters.)

(3) I think the only thing that everyone -- me, included -- should be focused on as it relates to rankings and BCS fates is where we are THIS week. For THIS week, Boise is a Top 2 team.

(4) I wish people would stop worrying about where Boise will end up after the first Saturday in December. You'd think CFB fans would know enough to know crazy results always happen.

(Um, except last year, when they didn't. But we'll conveniently overlook that.)

More on the radar this morning...

*Reggie Bush-Heisman SNAFU: Oh, just take the freaking thing away from him already. But only if you're going to give it to Vince Young. If you're just going to "vacate" it, forget I asked.

*Speaking of Heisman, it only took one week of college football games for my preseason Heisman pick Kellen Moore to take over the lead of the HeismanPundit straw poll.

*Luis Scola has been unstoppable at the World Basketball Championships. Brazil found out yesterday. Is the US going to find out, too?

*Speaking of the Worlds, let's just go ahead and presume that Turkish big man Enes Kanter won't be playing for Kentucky next season.

*Tiger on Ryder Cup team. Prediction: He is going to play amazingly and it is going to jumpstart the next phase of his career. Because he can subordinate himself -- the "solo Tiger" thing -- to playing for something else (the team). Please don't ask why I didn't give LeBron the same analysis about going to Miami.

*The Phillies are in first in the NL East. With 20-odd games to go, anyone give the Braves a shot to take it back? (I don't.)

*Milestones: Trevor Hoffman hits 600 career saves. (Meanwhile, Jim Thome has tied Frank Robinson for 8th on the all-time HR list.)

*MLB Fantasy Stud: Mat Latos, who may also be the only thing -- at least after last night's very quality start -- separating the Padres from the oblivion of not reaching the postseason.

*Yet another reason (via Neyer) to love Joey Votto.

*But that's only to keep pace with Carlos Gonzalez -- Triple Crown Watch.

*How will Tim Tebow do this season? There's a Teblog post for that.

*Kansas AD Lew Perkins retires immediately: Nothing sketchy about that.

*Matt Ufford of WarmingGlow and KSK is one of my favorite writers and favorite people. Please consider donating to his (hilariously humiliating) effort to raise money for Wounded Warriors.

*Happy 5th anniversary, Deadspin. I'll have a post about this birthday later today.

*Also coming today: Shallowest. NFL Preview. Ever.

*Don't forget to join in the NFL Pick 'Em league (groupname: Daily Quickie Readers). And enter your picks by tomorrow night's kickoff!

*No posting tomorrow, out of respect for the Jewish holidays. In my own interpretation, I will have a post on Friday.

-- D.S.

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