Saturday, September 11, 2010

CFB Hangover: Uh, So About Boise...

It is fairly remarkable that Boise State didn't even play today, and yet their season of hopes for a shot at playing in the BCS championship game imploded when Virginia Tech lost to James Madison.

I have had Boise State ranked No. 1 since January, in the preseason and in Week 1. The latest ranking was partly a function of the offseason, but mainly a function of the credit I gave them for beating a seemingly great team.

And now, under the weight of further evidence -- fodder for any "resume-based" ranking -- I will take that No. 1 designation away. Virginia Tech won't even be ranked.

I reject the "But Virginia Tech was ranked No. 6 at the time" -- every win should be re-interpreted in light of new evidence. In this case, the new evidence is damning: Boise State's win -- its close win -- over Virginia Tech isn't nearly as impressive as it was a few days ago.

More notes from the weekend:

*Would you like to see a No. 1 team in action? Hopefully, you watched Alabama dismantle a Penn State team that will likely end the season inside the Top 20. The Tide made Penn State look like a 1-AA team. So much for that questionable Alabama D.

*Last point about Alabama: If it wasn't obvious before, Trent Richardson is better than reigning Heisman winner Mark Ingram. And it doesn't appear to be close.

*OK: While I'm not sure if Ohio State would have won as big if they were playing away from the Horseshoe, I have to give them credit for beating a solid -- if not great -- Miami team.

*Two words: Denard. Robinson. There isn't a more exciting player in college football, and he has catapulted himself to the top of the Heisman race.

*Apologies to Oklahoma fans, for doubting you.

*Apologies to all fans, for foisting Georgia Tech on you as a Top 10 team.

*My doomsday prophesy for Florida against South Florida looked pretty good for about a quarter and a half, in one of the hottest game conditions I have ever personally experienced. Despite the eventual rout, Florida did little to prove they are anything close to elite.

*Who would have guessed that Steve Spurrier's salvation at South Carolina would come in the form of a running back? But freshman Marcus Lattimore is that good.

Preliminary BlogPoll Top 10:
1. Alabama
2. TCU
3. Ohio St
4. Boise St
5. Texas
6. Utah
7. Iowa
8. Auburn
9. Oklahoma
10. Oregon

Complete poll coming tomorrow evening. Roughly looking at 11-25 like this: Houston, Nebraska, South Carolina, Air Force, Miami, Florida, Oregon St, Arkansas, Arizona, Wisconsin, Stanford, LSU, Michigan, Fresno St, USC. (Out: PSU, GT, FSU, VT, WVU. Cusp: Baylor, A&M)


*Kim Clijsters: Go Moms!

*Federer KO'ed: Did anyone NOT want to see Fed-Nadal?

*USA Hoops: Game of the Decade today vs. Turkey (at Turkey). Kevin Durant will have to have the game of his life, frankly.

*Is Vernon Davis worth more money than any tight end in NFL history? Frankly, it doesn't really matter what any of us think -- he's being paid like it.

*Latest hero in the NL West see-saw: Tim Stauffer.

*While I was recovering from the Gator game and relaxing while watching late-afternoon college football, Penn State women's volleyball was a couple miles away on the UF campus in Gainesville having their 109-match streak snapped by Stanford.

*Um, yeah: So it's only the first Sunday of the NFL regular season. Setting aside Thursday night's opening game, Week 1 is here. Settle in!

-- D.S.


Jeff Farrell said...

Do you mean Oregon instead of Oregon State?

the bankrupt museum said...

Three quick things: 1) what we really learned this week is that the ACC is terrible and that everyone should try hard to keep this in mind once conference play starts & the ACC "wins" start piling up - Miami, Fla St, GA Tech, VA Tech = UGH; thusly, USC should be punted for eeking out a home win against Virginia; 2) I'm finding this whole non-AQ debate tiring already, but there should be one constant = until someone loses, Boise St. should be ranked above TCU = these teams (as they largely exist now) played it out on the field in the Fiesta Bowl; 3) you really want to puff out your SEC chest re: Alabama - who should be #1 and should've been #1 last week - they did exactly what was expected against a freshman starting QB & a starry-eyed young team in their first road game, i.e. dominated. I mean, it wasn't even remotely close, but it was only 24-3. I can't see any other SEC team at this point looking any better against them...

MizzouHoops said...

So… Ohio State gives up 1 defensive touchdown and has 4 INTs and they are third? TCU beats Tennessee Tech and they are third? I thought it was about resume… and in the first game Ohio State manhandled Marshall who could’ve, should’ve, beat WVU.
Consistency Shanoff, consistency…