Friday, September 10, 2010

College Football Preview/Picks

Another week, another game I'll watch in person at The Swamp -- the final chance I'll have to watch Florida first-hand this season.

Unlike last week, I have very low expectations. Unlike last week, I'm ditching my Tebow jersey as gameday shirt of choice. Oh, and BJ Daniels scares the hell out of me. (Not quite as much as nutjobs threatening to burn the Quran, but still.) For USF, this is a national-championship-level game; can't say that I think UF feels the same way about it. Very very nervous.

There are a ton of marquee games -- a Florida loss at home to South Florida would trump all of them. Let's take a pass through the schedule. Enjoy the weekend!

1 Alabama over 18 Penn State -- And it won't be close.
2 Ohio State over 12 Miami -- GOTW. Very very close.
4 TCU over Tennessee Tech
5 Texas over Wyoming
6 Nebraska over Idaho -- NU still overrated.
7 Oregon over (at) Tennesse -- Let's see 70+ here.
8 Florida over South Florida -- Umm...Upset Special?!
9 Iowa over Iowa St
17 Florida State over (at) 10 Oklahoma -- Upset Special
11 Wisconsin over San Jose St
13 VA Tech over James Madison
14 Arkansas over LA-Monroe
15 Georgia Tech over (at) Kansas
16 USC over Virginia
19 LSU over at Vanderbilt
20 Utah over UNLV
21 Auburn over Mississippi State -- Thursday night.
22 Georgia over (at) 24 South Carolina
23 West Virginia over Marshall
25 Stanford over (at) UCLA

More games of note:

Notre Dame over Michigan
Houston (DS-ranked!) over UTEP
Washington over Syracuse
Cal over Colorado
Air Force over BYU
Northwestern over Illinois St

-- D.S.

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