Monday, September 27, 2010

09/27 Quickie: Vick, 'Boys, Saints

Today's Names to Know: Mike Vick, Garrett Hartley, Todd Haley, Braylon Edwards, Leon Washington, Sebastian Janikowski, Charlie Batch, Anquan Boldin, Austin Collie, Steven Jackson, Texas, Boise, Trey Burton, Jim Furyk, Carmelo, PTI in HD and More.

Consider that if the NFL gave out MVP awards after only the 3rd week of the season, Michael Vick would be your top contender. This story just keeps getting more interesting. (And it only gets MORE interesting next week, when Vick and the Eagles host Donovan McNabb's Philly homecoming.)

Also interesting from Week 3:

*Cowboys getting off schneid.
*Garrett Hartley's game-costing missed FG.
*Sean Payton's game-costing freeze-the-K TO.
*The 3-0 (3-0!) Chiefs. (With trick plays!)
*Braylon sees your DUI, raises you a TD.
*No more gripes from Moss?
*Charlie Batch is kind of unstoppable.
*Offseason Move of the Year: Anquan Boldin
*Sucks to be... a Redskins fan.
*Leon Washington hero!
*Seb Janikowski goat!
*Fantasy Stud: Austin Collie


*CFB Weekend Wrap: Texas' season is over... Alabama re-proves itself No. 1... Boise gets some extra credit... Trey Burton is Tim Tebow 2.0?... Polls finally get on Nevada bandwagon. (BlogPoll ballot going up mid-day.)

*How fitting that Jim Furyk -- he of the missed wake-up call that cost him FedEx Cup points -- ended up winning the FedEx Cup (and its accompanying $10 million).

*MLB Races: Giants nudge back in front of the Padres... Yankees (via the Red Sox) take back a game on the Rays (NYY .5 GB)

*NBA Training Camps: No deal (yet) on Carmelo, but Erick Dampier -- refreshingly -- removed the Heat from his short list of potential destinations.

*PTI and Around the Horn going HD starting today. Wow, that would have been swarthily interesting for me when I did my brief ATH stint.

-- D.S.

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