Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sponsored Post: The Roller-Coaster

Your weekly update on my travails in the Blogger Football League, sponsored by Procter & Gamble. For background, see this intro post.

So Week 1, I destroy the league. Week 2, I take an epic "bad beat." What would happen in Week 3? A ride back up the roller-coaster: A huge win, including a league-high-for-the-season total points output.

The breakdown: Tom Brady killed it. Chris Johnson rebounded from that atrocious Week 2 to crush it. LaDainian came up big. Antonio Gates continued to be a metronome of high production at the TE spot. Malcom Floyd FINALLY had the game his fantasy GMs have been waiting for since Draft Day. And, for good measure, Kevin Walter went from the Free Agent Wire to my starting lineup, and contributed 10 points.

This season, I have what I almost never have: Scoring depth. If Miles Austin has an atypically bad day -- which he did -- Gates will put up star-WR numbers from the TE position, or I'll get that big game from Floyd. What that should allow for is a steady points output from the Brady-CJ-Gates trio, putting much less pressure on the rest (LDT, Austin, Floyd, Walter and my K/D) to have HUGE games -- not to mention covering during bye weeks, like Week 4 in which I will be without Austin.

Week 1 was promising. Week 2 was a wake-up call. Week 3 is the first sign that I should be considered a top contender to win the league. But the bye weeks are coming....

Here is this week's full-league recap (from the Gunaxin guys) and P&G's Take It To The House page on Facebook.

The P&G Blogger Fantasy League (BFL) is a group of 12 online sports folks competing on the fantasy platform for the chance to win a donation for a local charity, furnished by P&G. The NFL Entities have not offered or sponsored the sweepstakes in anyway.

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