Monday, October 18, 2010

10/18 Quickie: BCS, Vikes, Eagles, More

Today's Names to Know: BCS computers, Oklahoma, Brett Favre, Jerry Jones, Kevin Kolb, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Deion Branch, Chris Johnson, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Kobe, Gordon Hayward, Robbie Hummel, Eric LeGrande and More.

And the most intriguing subplot of the first iteration of the BCS rankings goes to... the computers.

That will be the biggest BCS talking point today, with Oklahoma leap-frogging Oregon and Boise in the computer polls to be overall No. 1 in the initial BCS poll.

I'm no Oklahoma fan, but I think it's a great thing for an extremely flawed process that the computers deviate from the human polls. Let's have a robust debate about what should qualify teams for high rankings on limited information.

More on the BCS -- and my BlogPoll ballot this week -- later this morning. But needless to say, I can see a seam for Alabama to surge right back into the Top 2, along with someone from the Boise-TCU-Utah triumvirate.

NFL Week 6 Notes:

*Let the discussion of Favre's redemption commence. (It was just a week late.)

*Well, NOW what does Jerry Jones do? (He SAYS he's not going to fire Wade Phillips, but I think that has to come with a big ol' "yet." Not fired YET. It's inevitable.)

*Turns out Kevin Kolb is a pretty good starter, after all.

*The NFL's concussion epidemic has a new face: DeSean Jackson.

*Is the best QB in the NFL after 6 weeks... Big Ben?

*Do the Pats beat the Ravens if they have Randy Moss instead of Deion Branch?

*Proposed: That was the biggest Rams win since they won the Super Bowl. (If I haven't said it explicitly before, I was very wrong about Sam Bradford being a rookie flop.)

*Fantasy Studs: Kevin Kolb, Ryan Torain, Jeremy Maclin.

*Speaking of the Vikings, is it bad that I watch a (relatively) healthy Percy Harvin do something awesome, like score another TD on a kickoff return, and lament the state of Florida's offense?

*Touchdown, Tim Tebow.

*Here's to Chris Johnson having a huge game on MNF tonight.

MLB Playoffs: Lee Time. Just imagine if the Rangers were pitching Cliff Lee tonight in New York up 2-0 in the series. Huge difference from being tied 1-1. (But I guess I have to let this go.)

Meanwhile in the NL: The Other Roy. Everyone was so focused on Roy Halladay's match-up with Tim Lincecum (which didn't -- and couldn't possibly -- live up to expectations), Roy Oswalt reminded why it's "H-2-O." And former NLCS hero Cole Hamels -- who has been lights-out the past month -- is up next.

NBA Preseason: Kobe had a 19-point 3rd quarter in the Lakers' loss to the Jazz, but check out Butler rookie Gordon Hayward's 26 points (and +17). Foreshadowing?

CBB: Overshadowing Midnight Madness was Robbie Hummel's re-blown ACL, taking him out for the season and once again ruining a talented Purdue's shot at a Final Four. I feel for Hummel, for his teammates and for Purdue fans, who can't catch a break on this.

Thoughts are with Eric LeGrande, his family and the Rutgers community. LeGrande is the Rutgers defensive tackle whose head injury this weekend left him with no feeling below the neck. What a horrible situation. Here is to hopeful signs of recovery.

-- D.S.

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David Kazzie said...

That LaGrande injury was awful to watch -- you can almost see his body seize up as he crashes to the ground. Sickening. My 5-year-old son wants to start playing football, and all I can think of is stuff like this happening to him,