Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday (Schadenfreude) Quickie

Yankees fans can take some solace that a nationwide showing of schadenfreude over New York's ejection from the MLB playoffs really indicates that the team is more powerful than ever.

But, otherwise, it's a gorgeous morning for the rest of us (and for me, typing 100 feet from the beach in St. Augustine, Florida), because the Yankees are out.

For better or worse, that overshadows who beat them (the first-time pennant-winning Rangers) and how (decisively), although last night's game was a fun one for Yankee-haters to watch.

That said: There is a special collective enthusiasm the rest of us can have (does German have a word the opposite of schadenfreude?) for Texas fans, experiencing something as awesome this.

The Rangers are one of those teams with so minimal postseason history that they haven't had the opportunity to create fan enmity.

That makes our collective interest positive, but lacking the dramatic highs and hates that come with a track record that has generated more fans emotion over the years.

Still: It is impossible not to feel good about the Rangers winning, either for its own novelty -- or because of who they dispatched along the way.

(By the way: Kudos to ESPN's Amy K. Nelson, who was the only expert at the WWL who picked the Rangers to win the AL pennant.)

Yes, there's a do-or-die playoff game for the Phillies today, but most will probably be focused on college football. Here's what has my attention today:

Noon: Michigan State-Northwestern
3:30: Auburn-LSU
8: Oklahoma-Mizzou

I jut hope that NU keeps it close -- if they do, all this talk of them as an Upset Special can be proven valid. This game feels like last year's NU-Iowa game, which Northwestern won.

As for the others, I fully expect Auburn to finally expose LSU as the overrated (yes: lucky) team that they are. (Then watch me and everyone else credit Auburn for "beating a Top 10 team.")

BCS No. 1 Oklahoma has as solid of a resume as anyone -- wins over Texas, Florida State and Air Force -- but they have hardly been dominant. Mizzou is largely unknown/unwatched.

I'm going to revise yesterday's picks: I think NU loses, but Mizzou knocks off Oklahoma for this week's BCS-busting result.

Enjoy your day -- and Yankee-hating hangover, if that's your lifestyle.

-- D.S.

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