Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10/26 Quickie: Romo, Favre, LeBron

Today's Names to Know: Tony Romo, Jon Kitna, Brett Favre, Miami Heat, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Derek Dooley, Free Darko, Paul the Octopus and More.

NBA Season Begins: Longer preview coming at noon-ish. But needless to say the world revolves around the Heat -- which is awkward, given that they aren't actually going to win the title. That said: Miami's failure makes the season a lot more compelling.

Read the complete preview later, but here are a few key picks:
Finals: Lakers over Magic
MVP: Durant (ROY: Griffin)

Heat-Celtics tonight: Speaking of which... here's a preview of how the playoffs might play out: With the C's KO'ing the Superfriends.

(Even if the Heat win tonight, the game quickly illustrates the NBA's "regular-season" problem: The games -- particularly between top teams -- are utterly meaningless. I mean, they are fun to watch for their own sake, but they foreshadow nothing as it relates to the playoffs.)

Giants end Cowboys' season: Well, effectively, anyway. Up 20-7, the Cowboys gave up 31 straight points -- that was the insult on top of Tony Romo's shoulder injury, which will keep him out 6-8 weeks. It's not like it matters: The Cowboys' season is over. They won't make the playoffs. They might as well tank to get as high of a draft pick as possible.

Favre Watch: "Everting avulsion." I have no idea what that means, as an injury. I do know that "avulsion" sounds like the feeling the vast majority of fans have for Favre. The larger point is that there is a good chance his 291-game streak of starting games could be over.

Here is the question: Why is this even Favre's decision? Why doesn't the coach say: "I'm going to play whichever QB gives us the best chance to win. And, this weekend, Gimpy McGee here simply isn't better than Tarvaris Jackson." Fin.

LeBron's new TV ad: It is entirely (if typically) provocative, and I end up walking away from it mesmerized by the aesthetic genius of the spot yet totally aggravated by LeBron's attitude. I presume that's the point. Watch.

CFB: What in the world was Tennessee coach Derek Dooley talking about? Protip: It's never a good idea to compare yourself to the Nazis. It's bad enough to reference the Nazis about someone ELSE, let alone YOURSELF. He's like Godwin's Law, run through a Tennessee translator.

Books: If you like the NBA, you'll love Free Darko's new book, out today. Highly recommended.

RIP: Paul the Octopus. A better sports prognosticator than 99.9 percent of sports "experts."

-- D.S.

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Robyn said...

THANK YOU for stating the obvious about who decides the starting quarterback. When "Chilly" threw Favre under the bus, I was sitting there thinking, "Dude, you're the HEAD COACH. Why didn't you yank him?"

What a glorious week for us Viking, Cowboy, and Yankee haters.