Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday (Very) Quickie: Heat, Ducks

Heat crush Magic: I thought Miami would be motivated last night -- home opener, playing the rival Magic, doubters from earlier in the week -- but I didn't expect a 26-point beat-down.

If the Heat can throttle the Magic -- a top-tier NBA team -- after playing together for only two other regular-season games, imagine how good they can be after 20... 40... 60... 82.

It was an affirmation (for fans) or a rebuke (for haters): The Heat are who they thought they are.

CFB Saturday: There is still at least one big game for Oregon to lose, even if they win at USC tonight. Say the same thing about Mizzou (playing at Nebraska today, but still having to play the Big 12 CG). Say the same thing about Utah (playing at Air Force today but still having to play TCU).

But that's not the case for Michigan State. If the Spartans don't lose at Iowa today, they will very likely run the table, giving them at least a puncher's chance of making the national-title game -- particularly if the other unbeatens from the BCS conferences take a loss.

The Spartans ARE the popular pick to be the unbeaten to fall today (I'll agree), but they have done pretty well for themselves confounding expectations.

It would be lame if at least one of the four unbeatens facing resume-starring tests on the road didn't lose. I'll say Oregon rolls, Mizzou falls, Utah wins (but not nearly as impressively as TCU beat Air Force last week) and Michigan State... loses.

World Series comes to Arlington, Texas, as the Rangers host their first World Series game ever: That's a nice little moment for the region, but the fact is that if the Rangers don't win tonight, they are losing the Series. Only down 2-0, but tonight is must-win.

More NBA: Rajon Rondo (24 assists) is off to an awesome start this year... Monta Ellis Watch: No 46-point outburst but 11 assists -- and a Warriors W... Blake Griffin: Double-double.... First Ws of the season: T'wolves, Grizz, Pacers, Raptors... The Nets are 2-0. (2-0!)

(Love the Rockets getting Erick Dampier -- between Yao, in limited minutes, Brad Miller and now Dampier, does any team in the NBA have more depth of quality in the post than Houston?)

Favre Watch: He practiced, but will he play? That he practiced indicates that he probably will play -- or at least start. Wouldn't want to mess up Favre's streak.

Vincent Jackson reports to Chargers: But won't be available until late November. Given that the Chargers' season is already over, his presence won't help much. Too little too late.

Notre Dame: Can someone explain why the city or state prosecutors aren't looking into whether a crime was committed? This isn't merely -- cripes, "merely" -- an OSHA violation. I'm not talking about the civil suit that Sullivan's family should bring; this is the criminal charges the state should bring. God forbid lawyers who work for the state of Indiana (or the city of South Bend) prosecute the head football coach at Notre Dame.

-- D.S.


MizzouHoops said...

RE: Heat v Magic. Never take into consideration an NBA team on the back end of a 2 night stand, especially playing on the road. Had both teams been fresh, it might have been a different outcome.

Phishbulb said...

The next comment you make about this situation will be the last thing I ever read from you. Shut the fuck up until the investigation is complete and we know exactly what happened. Your bias toward Notre Dame (not that I give a shit about them) clearly weighs into your comments. I have a hard time believing you would be as vocal if this happened at some random school or god forbid Florida.

The fact that you continue to write about this -- you sanctimonious piece of shit -- is honestly offensive. A kid died. Perhaps Notre Dame and their coach does deserve blame. But you are the absolute last person who should be jumping out in front of this situation given your biases.

Go fuck yourself. Seriously.