Monday, November 29, 2010

SI Picks Saints as Sportsmen of Year?

UPDATE (11/30): Drew Brees is your SI Sportsman of the Year. Great pick, which I will assume is a proxy for the entire team. Brees, after all, wasn't responsible for The Onside Kick (which I will argue is the single greatest play in the history of the NFL). But if you're looking for a representative of the entire "Who Dat?" phenomenon of January and February, Brees is the ideal choice. (I also love Brees because he doesn't fit the physical mold of the "prototype" NFL QB of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. That makes Brees all the more spectacular.


Did Peter King scoop his own magazine this morning that SI was picking the Saints as its Sportsmen of the Year?

This little tidbit in his "Fine Fifteen" team rankings in this week's MMQB: "This is going to be a very good week if you're a fan of the Saints. Trust me on that one."

There is only one reasonable interpretation of that, given the Sportsman issue comes out this week: The Saints as Sportsmen of the Year.

Let's not lose sight of the bigger point: It's a great pick. The only pick, really. (What: Like they were going to pick LeBron? You could make an awesome case, but no way.)

-- D.S.

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