Friday, December 03, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 1:
Joe Sheehan's Newsletter

The early start to Hanukkah this year caught me by surprise. Normally, I like to do a "Top Sports Books of the Year" post to help you with some gift ideas. I'll post that next week (suggestions welcome in the comments).

For now, let me make this suggestion/recommendation: Joe Sheehan's email newsletter about baseball, which he just announced will be extended into 2011.

I am going to write more about Joe's initiative in the next week or two, because I think it is one of the more awesome things to happen in sports media in 2010. (Alert: End-of-year superlative posts coming soon!)

But I found the subscription fee I paid for the 2010 edition to be among the best money I spent this year, certainly among the best money I've spent on sports.

It is $29.99 for the year, starting in February. You get December and January for free. Joe will probably file 200 newsletters in 2011. But it's not about the per-unit cost or the tonnage. It is all additive into this really great product that will make you a smarter fan, whether you are a casual fan or an avid one. You'll appreciate it almost instantly, and by next April or May, you will be thrilled you are reading -- that subscribing was so worth it.

Anyway: If you are looking for a gift to buy baseball fans you know -- or are looking for a present idea to tell your family to buy you -- I highly recommend Sheehan's newsletter.

-- D.S.

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