Tuesday, March 29, 2011

03/29 (Interregnum) Quickie

I'm still contemplating the idea that VCU is the greatest Cinderella story -- through the week of the Final Four, at least -- in the history of the NCAA Tournament.

George Mason got there first, but VCU's path was harder -- geometrically harder.

And I can't help but look ahead, even though I know the chances are VCU's run stops Saturday night against Butler:

If VCU wins the national title, it would be the greatest championship in U.S. sports history, displacing even the 1980 "Miracle On Ice."

Jingoism aside, the sheer improbability of VCU's run is what sets it apart from... well, anything we've ever seen.

Yesterday was VCU-heavy (and Final Four-heavy) at Quickish. Give it a look for recommendations to really good analysis and commentary.


CBB All-America team: It is a great reminder that picking this team before the Tournament -- given that the sport is defined by the Tournament -- that Derrick Williams was not a first-team All-American but JaJuan Johnson (a fine player, but no Williams) was. Can't argue with Jimmer, Nolan Smith, Kemba or Sullinger.

CBB Jobs: Matt Painter to Mizzou? That he is even taking a meeting with the Tigers alone should, in theory, spoil his relationship with Purdue fans. He's supposed to be a loyal son of PU, not a head-swiveling mercenary. Mizzou will pay whatever, so really it's up to Painter to decide he wants to stay in West Lafayette. But he already seems to have decided -- by interviewing somewhere else -- that's not good enough.

NFL Draft: Cam Newton is the big story. Pro Football Weekly -- is that even still around? -- released a blistering review of Cam Newton. Forget for a second that PFW, like every NFL media publication or self-styled draftnik, should have no influence over a team's decision. But Cam Newton has always been an acquired taste. So what if a certain critic doesn't like his potential? All that matters is that the team likes his potential. (I'm in the camp that he's going to be a good pro, as long as the coach puts him in a system where he can take advantage of his unique talents.)

NBA: Knicks edge Magic -- I really find the day-to-day EKG for the Knicks to be wearying. The team has no chance of doing anything in the playoffs, now or probably ever. (By "anything," I mean contending for a title. This isn't 1999.) The good news is that the playoffs start in less than three weeks, and we can put the largely inconsequential regular season behind us.

Bonds trial: Kimberly Bell apparently did better than expected -- but what does that even mean?

Ochosoccer: Can't we just appreciate that the guy is even trying?

MLB Opening Day is Thursday: Shallowest Preview Ever coming Thursday morning.

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Richard Lynch said...

"If VCU wins the national title, it would be the greatest championship in U.S. sports history, displacing even the 1980 'Miracle On Ice.'"

This is a statement so ridiculous it doesn't even warrant disputing.