Friday, April 01, 2011

04/01 (No Foolin') Quickie

I'm not a big fan of April Fool's Day. A guy just sent me a message telling me he loved Quickish and my first thought is: "This could very well be the cruelest April Fool's joke ever."

But, no, he was serious -- and I couldn't appreciate it more. No fooling: Quickish had its best month yet in March (following a best-month-yet in February).

MLB Opening Day: Great for Quickish. The NCAA Tournament: REALLY great for Quickish.

Now we're into April: Amazingly, Quickish doesn't finish its third month until the 9th (because we launched on January 10th). That it's been less than 3 months live is mind-boggling to me.

I wouldn't say that you shift gears in a start-up after some set number of weeks or months. It's not like on March 31, we're doing one thing then on April 1, we're doing another. It's more gradual than that.

But there's no question, I want to take the momentum from the past month -- the past three months, really -- and push the accelerator down. You'll see how that manifests itself in the next few weeks and months as we introduce new programming, new products and new partnerships.

Mainly, I wanted to say thanks to all of you for your support. The insane thing is that things hav been going so fast, I haven't even been able to really lean on you for support -- telling friends, offering tips to the site, etc. Oh, I've sort of leaned on you, but I think it's time to be a bit more shameless about it, don't you?

I'm kidding -- kind of -- but it's been too easy to simply focus on delivering a killer product and not do more to get that product out to as many people as possible.

So the continuation of many requests: Please check out Quickish. But, if you're already inclined to visit, please tell friends. Tell them through Facebook. Tell them through Twitter. Tell them in person over beers or over the cubicle wall. We've got to get the word out -- yes: we, including you.

I was reading this typically great post by Joe Posnanski today -- it's up on Quickish at 3 p.m. ET -- about "Day 2" in baseball. How Opening Day gets all the love, but all the meaning of baseball is really in that second day, that second game -- and every day after that.

That's a bit where I feel like Quickish is: Opening Day was the first few months. And now things are going to really get going.

This is Posnanski talking about the legendary Buck O'Neil, who had this "Day 2" philosophy:

"To him, baseball wasn’t about the pomp and circumstance of Opening Day. It was not about irrational hopes that this player might have a career year or that player might suddenly reach his potential or any of that. For Buck, the baseball season was about Day 2 and beyond, and no excuses, and his heartfelt belief that if you put nine good men on the field you could beat anybody."

That about sums it up.

It applies to the Reds winning in the bottom of the 9th yesterday. It applies to Albert Pujols' worst-day-ever, which he will obviously bounce back from immediately. It applies to VCU playing in the Final Four tomorrow (or Butler or Kentucky's freshmen or Kemba Walker).

This has been the hardest three months of my career -- maybe my life. But "hard" in such a good way. I cannot wait to see what the next three months bring, but my feeling about it is pretty simple: Working hard and enthusiastically and -- when you can remember -- having fun, that's all I can ask for. That's all any of us can control.

So let's go get it.

Day 2, folks.

-- D.S.

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Robyn said...

Dan, Quickish is so frickin' awesome. Totally addictive. I have it on a permatab on Firefox. Except for a few other sports blogs, I barely even check sports news anymore - seems like you've got all the important stuff covered.

Next: you MUST get into politics with this. The 2012 election season, quickishly? HOLY GRAIL.

Congratulations on this most amazing concept, and brilliant execution!