Saturday, April 02, 2011 Turns 16 -- well, "" (I've got the swag to prove it) -- launched 16 years ago today: April 2, 1995.

I joined as college basketball editor in the fall of 1996. (I still have the epic cover letter I sent to the original publisher, Geoff Reiss.) That was my first stint. It was unforgettable, hustling with amazing people -- some of whom are still there, many of whom have moved on to other things -- and working on an amazing, media-defining product.

I left for a few years, but I was lucky enough to start writing for Page 2 shortly after it launched in 2000 -- one of my close colleagues from the mid-90s, Kevin Jackson, was Page 2's founding editor -- and a regular spot in the Page 2 rotation turned into a daily, top-of-the-morning column for nearly four years.

I remain a proud and loyal alum and participating both in those formative years -- they were my formative years, too -- and in the post-2000 years of acceleration and experimentation on Page 2 is a professional and personal experience I cherish.

Here's to on its birthday -- and to a great next year ahead.

-- D.S.

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Unknown said...

Yes Dan, we know you worked for ESPN and we know you worked for SI. How many times do you have to remind us.