Thursday, April 21, 2011

04/21 (Caps Win!) Quickie

On the plus side, I had an unbelievably productive trip down to DC the past 24 hours.

On the minus side, I wasn't able to post earlier this morning -- something I will redouble in effort to correct back to the typical daily morning pace. But I refuse to stop being typically shallow.

Last night, I was driving around looking for a parking spot at 10:30/10:45 and I ended up listening to the local Caps radio broadcast of the 2nd OT against the Rangers.

I found a spot, but sat in the car listening, because I had a flashback to 1987 -- I was 14 years old sitting in my bed listening to Game 7 of the Caps' playoff series with the Islanders, which New York won in a 4th overtime. It remains one of the most vivid experiential memories of my sports childhood.

And so with last night's sudden "HE SCORES!" from the radio guy, I remembered how much I enjoy listening to playoff hockey on a home-town radio broadcast -- even if the last time I could remember doing it was nearly a quarter-century ago.

-- D.S.

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