Saturday, April 23, 2011

04/23 (Rondo'd) Quickie

Watching the Celtics dismantle the Knicks last night -- even a short-handed Knicks -- does anyone really think that the Heat -- even a top-of-their-game Heat -- can beat the C's 4 times?

We have entered the sluggish portion of the NBA's drag-it-out playoff schedule. I feel like I say this every year: If MLB let its playoff series sprawl out over two weeks, people would freak.

And yet we have the Spurs and Grizzlies playing only Game 3, a week after their series started. And if the Celtics and Heat close things out in 4, we will wait a week for them to start playing.

It's not a huge complaint, and the NBA knows what works for them -- its playoffs are more like "Lost" than an MLB-style mini-series: 8-12 storylines, intertwined and popping up every few days. Given the two-month stretch, it fits.

I just want to get to Heat-Celtics already -- it's possible that will be the culmination of the entire NBA Playoffs, long before we get to the NBA Finals.


Pau Gasol breaks through: The hysteria after the Lakers lost Game 1 is a faded memory -- a humorous lark. Because now, like Boston, it's hard to see anyone in the West beating them.

Hawks edge Magic in Atlanta: Loved Crawford's "no-no-no-YES!" banked 3 that the team didn't even need. Orlando is a huge disappointment.

NHL Playoffs: Two OT wins last night? Yes, please. Caps-Rangers with the Caps possibly closing out the first round at home? Yes, please. Habs-Bruins in Boston, tied 2-2, with the road team winning all the games so far? Yes, please.

Brandon Marshall stabbed last night: Sounds like he will be OK, but what an insane story.

Anibal Sanchez's near-no-no: Taking a no-hitter into the 9th is impressive. That it would have been Sanchez's second career no-hitter is even more impressive. A one-hitter is entirely acceptable, by the way. Entirely.

Jim Larranaga from George Mason to Miami: Technically, it's a better job. It's certainly more money and a tougher level of competition. But Miami is buzzless as a hoops program. Maybe he will bring some.

Good afternoon/evening of NBA and NHL playoffs ahead. This morning on Quickish: Reactions to Rajon Rondo and the Celtics' beat-down, Pau Gasol's return to form and the Knicks' deflated performance, plus NHL Playoffs, MLB wrap-ups and a bunch of must-see videos. Check it out!

-- D.S.

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