Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday 4/22 Quickie

First, a quick word on this Colby Lewis paternity leave story: What story? The blogger who ripped him is trolling for relevance; he made an absurd argument.

It's a non-issue: Lewis and the team actually did schedule the birth around his starts, but a weather issue threw the plan off. It happens, but the intent was there.

And even if the intent wasn't there, I'm totally comfortable with the work-life balance choice that Lewis made, with the team's (and MLB's) blessing.


*Yes, yes: The Heat are playing as well as any team in the playoffs. But they are playing the Sixers -- in over their heads from Day 1. Let's see Miami do it against the Celtics.

*NHL: I love that the Canucks are starting to gasp a little bit against the Blackhawks, and I love that the road team has won every game of the Habs-Bruins series.

*Expanding the MLB playoffs: I have been for this for a while. I would expand it to 8 teams per league, frankly, but I'll take what I can get. (But then again, I'm unrealistic. Because I would also dissolve the divisions, balance the schedule and enforce a salary cap that creates more parity.)

*NFL Draft: The storyline, as always, is QBs -- Cam Newton at No. 1? Who goes for Gabbert? Who takes a chance on Mallett? How many go in the 1st round? Andy Dalton's red hair?

*I'm no fan of the BCS, but any taxpayer dollars that are spent pursuing a case against the BCS is the worst use of public money ever, and the local governments behind it should be ashamed.

*MLB: Totally support the MLB takeover of the Dodgers. And just so you don't think I'm an East Coast snob, I would support a forced sale of the Mets.

*More MLB: Ryan Braun gets 5Y/$105M extension from Brewers. Smart to lock him up. He is the face of the franchise, even if Prince Fielder leaves. They avoid the b.s. in a few years of potentially losing Braun to the Cubs or Red Sox or Yankees.

*CBB: George Mason's Jim Larranaga to go to Miami? It would be a fine hire for The U -- although has Larranaga shown he can recruit an entire region? Meanwhile, I kind of love the George Mason opening for a hot young assistant, like VCU keeps doing.

Fun day ahead on Quickish -- and a fun weekend of NBA and NHL playoffs, plus lead-up to NFL Draft week. Give it a look!

-- D.S.

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Goberry said...

Please, for the love of all that is good, explain why there shouldn't be a law banning a 162 game season if half of the teams made the playoffs. It has already destroyed the NBA and NHL, and those leagues only play 82 games (give or take).